Norumbega Reservoir is a high-level equalizing reservoir that is used to maintain a constant flow of water in the Hultman Aqeduct. The main basin (Norumbega Reservoir) was created by construction of five earthen dikes and has an area of about 50 acres and a capacity of 150 million gallons.  Shenk’s Pond, which serves as a trim weir, is a smaller basin, some 21 feet lower than the reservoir proper, that was developed in a natural pond of that name. Between the two basins is an earthen dike, on which is located a granite, concrete, and steel gatehouse designed by the Boston firm of Densmore, LeClear & Robbins, that contains screens and a chlorination facility. A chlorine storage building is located on the south edge of Schenck’s Pond. The reservoir area is naturalistically landscaped with conifers.