Street Sweeping Schedule


At the completion of the Town’s snow and ice operations, the Department of Public Works’ Stormwater Division transitions into the cleanup of the town’s streets.  Sweeping of our streets is one of the DPW’s major tasks in the spring, which includes the pickup of the sand and silt resulting from the winter season.

To accomplish this task, two town street sweepers are used to clean approximately 196 lane miles of roadways.  Additional pieces of equipment used during sweeping operations include front-end loaders and dump trucks.  The street sweepers are dispatched on a daily basis to pre-assigned routes. 


By clicking on the map to the right, a full size PDF map outlining the estimated weekly schedule for town roads will display. 

Residents and business owners should be aware that there are two predominant factors that adversely affect the sweeping schedule; equipment breakdowns and the weather.  

Street sweepers operate in the worst possible conditions (i.e. constant dust) and, even with proper maintenance and constant attention, equipment down-time due to mechanical problems is inevitable.  Additionally, while sweeping can be done during a light, misting rain, the sweepers can not handle wet, muddy sand. Please be patient.  We will get to your neighborhood as soon as possible.


We encourage residents to sweep the sand from their sidewalks into the gutters (not storm drains) shortly before we are scheduled to sweep your street.  

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