Project Views

The following renderings give an idea of what this project will encompass and what the Town Center will look like after construction. Please note, these pictures do not contain exact details.

View 1 - reduced asphalt

View 1 (above) - description

This view looking south highlights the vast amount of asphalt that will be reclaimed as public open space, resulting in an improved connection between the Town Green and the Town Center. In the foreground, Knox Park will have a more natural feel, with a lawn framed by perennials and trees. Across the street, the Town Square includes a trellis, brick paving, and movable park chairs.These spaces aim to encourage more community gatherings - or lingering - in the center of town.

View 2 - access and open space

View 2 (above) - description

As a result of the reconfigured, easier-to-navigate parking, this view looking north from above Brothers Marketplace highlights the addition of two open spaces – The Terrace (foreground) and the Town Square (center). The Terrace is a natural and convenient place for a pedestrian open space as it not only creates an outdoor seating area for nearby eateries, but also improves safety along Boston Post Road by removing one of the redundant driveways. The Town Square helps organize a direct, accessible, and safe, pedestrian link between Brothers Marketplace and the pharmacy, while also establishing a gathering space for the community at the heart of the Town Center.

View 3 - traffic calming

View 3 (above) - description

The intersection of Boston Post Road, School Street, and Church Street is currently a vast expanse of asphalt that is not only challenging to navigate, it is unsafe. By creating continuous lane widths of 12 feet and a 4-way stop, traffic speeds are calmed, pedestrian safety at street crossings is improved, and a more appropriate gateway to the historic Town Center is established. The Watering Trough that currently sits at the center of the sea of asphalt will become the anchor to a new open space adjacent to the Town Green at the entrance to the Town Center, without moving it from its current location.

View 4 - street level

View 4 - description

In this street-level view one can really get a sense for how over-sized the existing Boston Post Road is, and the effect continuous sidewalks and additional open spaces will have on the character of the Town Center. In the foreground, there is a great example of how curb extensions create a safer, more manageable crossing for pedestrians, while also having the benefit of reducing vehicular speeds.

Also prominent in this view are the utility poles and wires that march along the south side of Boston Post Road and obstruct sky views. The last view in this sequence shows the what the Center will look like with the utilities buried. By removing the utility poles and lines, trees can be added along the south side of Boston Post Road, mirroring those on the opposite side of the street, creating a continuous alley of trees along the length of Boston Post Road, restoring some of the historic charm to the Town Center.

Boston Post Road c. 1912

historic bpr
Historic 1912 photograph of Boston Post Road looking east, when an alley of trees lined both sides of the road. Courtesy of the Weston Historical Society.