0 Wellesley Street

The Affordable Housing Trust is charged not only with working to implement the Town’s Housing Production Plan but also to generally promote affordable housing in Weston.

At the May 2017 Annual Town Meeting, $950,000 was appropriated to the use of the Trust for the purpose of creating affordable homeownership units.  Since that time, the Trust has identified a piece of Town-owned property at the corner of Route 20 and Wellesley Street (map below), and they will be proposing at the May 2018 Annual Town Meeting that the property be transferred to the Trust in order to develop 4-6 housing units in two buildings that are similar in scale to the houses in the adjacent Wellesley Street neighborhood (see Development Parameters and Guidelines below).  

The Trust intends to create these units by issuing a Request for Proposals to interested non-profit housing developers that will work with the Trust to construct these housing units.