Energy Efficiency

The following statement is from A Comparative Study of the Cumulative Energy Use of Historical Versus Contemporary Windows (PDF) written by  Frank Shirley, Fred Gamble and Jarod Galvin from December 3, 2010:

“This study compares the life-cycle costs of two residential window systems in a pre-1940 house in Boston, Massachusetts. One is an original double-hung window with a new triple-track storm unit. The other is a new, vinyl, double-hung replacement window. Our results are obtained from an algorithm that yields the total present value of all costs associated with a window system over its entire life, including acquisition, installation, maintenance, and energy. 

Our study provided 2 notable findings: 
  1. the thermal performances of the two-window systems are similar; and
  2. taking all costs into account, it is more cost effective to add a storm window to a historical window, and it remains so at all times for the full 100-year life we considered.”
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