Legacy Trail and Connector Paths

The Case Estates will soon be home to a new network of paved and crushed stone pathways that will connect the Case Campus with Ash Street. The pathway network includes the following segments:

  • The Legacy Trail (0.3 miles, paved): traveling from Alphabet Lane to the overlook site, which is a patio with a scenic view, benches, and dedicated engraved pavers
  • The Legacy Trail – Wellesley Street Connector Path (0.1 miles): traveling from the Legacy Trail to the north side of Wellesley Street 
  • The Wellesley Street – Ash Street Connector Path (0.3 miles): traveling from the south side of Wellesley Street to Ash Street, where it will eventually connect to the Ash Street sidewalk and the Weston Reservoir when that project is complete 

As a set of hard-surfaced paths meeting US Forest Service Trail Accessibility Guidelines (FSTAG) standards and permitted by the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board (MAAB), the Legacy Trail and its connector paths will provide access for users of all abilities. It will also provide a way for residents to access and enjoy this beautiful 62.5 acres of open space, which was acquired by the Town in 2016. 

A series of public meetings was held in December 2018 and January 2019 to complete permitting, gather input from various boards and the public, and finalize the design of the Legacy Trail and Connector Paths. Community Preservation Act funding was approved for the construction of these pathways by 2019 Annual Town Meeting.

This current project does not include the Ash Street sidewalk, which will eventually connect the Legacy Trail network with the Weston Reservoir. Designs are currently being finalized for that sidewalk; a request for construction funding will be brought to a future Town Meeting. 

Overview Plans

Construction Plan 

The Town has contracted with M.J. Cataldo for the completion of the Legacy Trail and its connector paths. Construction oversight has been contracted out to the engineering firm that provided the designs for the paths, Howard Stein Hudson. The project is being managed by Weston's Engineering Department with support from the Conservation Commission, which manages much of the Case Estates land where this project takes place. A construction notice (PDF) has been sent to abutters.

Construction Status

Construction is underway on the Legacy Trail and its connector path and is anticipated to be complete in the fall of 2020. The project was delayed in the early stages of construction due to problematic surveys and the need for additional site preparation. 

The contractor excavated and rough-graded the Legacy Trail and the Wellesley Street connector path this fall. Installation of the final trail surface is temperature dependent and will be undertaken in early spring. Following the installation of the final trail surface, seeding and installation of amenities will occur.  

On the Wellesley Street-Ash Street Connector, initial layout and erosion control work is complete; construction will take place in the spring and summer of 2020. 

Please Note

  • Construction will take place between the hours of 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. weekdays with occasional work on Saturdays 
  • The Case Estates will be closed to the public during construction for safety reasons, and notices will be posted at trailheads indicating this closure
  • Staging areas for the contractor are located: 
    • behind the structures at the Case Estates (133 Wellesley Street)
    • in the field near the access road into the Case Estates on the south side of Wellesley Street
    • in the grass parking area abutting the Case Estates off of Alphabet Lane 

Questions, Concerns, and More Information

Questions and concerns can be directed to Steve Fogg, Town Engineer, at 781-786-5115. 

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