Master Plan

A Draft Plan for Case Estates

On September 29, 2016, Landscape Architect Thomas Wirth presented a master plan for the Case Estates to help future planning of the land. His drawing can be found further below. This plan was shaped by the following:

  • On March 12, 2016, former Selectman Michael Harrity hosted a public hearing to provide an overview and update on the land and to solicit feedback from residents. The Selectmen engaged Mr. Wirth to review the land in conjunction with past recommendations from two former committees (those reports can be found on the right) in order to help the Town understand the land potential. 
  • On June 18, 2016, former Selectman Harrity and Mr. Wirth hosted a public visioning session to begin the visioning and planning of the 62.5 acres of historic open land and buildings that finally belong to the Town. 

The master plan for the historic property is only a draft, as there are no appropriations in place for its full implementation. The plan acts as a guideline so that the work undertaken at the Case Estates in the upcoming years does not conflict with potential future uses of the property as outlined in the master plan.

Tree Planting

In 2016-2017, the Town engaged Mountain View Landscape to plant 44 trees and shrubs on the Case Estates land.  Selected trees include several red oaks, Norway spruces, and a dawn redwood. These were planted along the roadways of Ash and Wellesley streets. Flowering witch hazel and cherry trees were installed along the “nose” area across from Case House and are visible from Newton Street.  Cedars and dawn redwoods were planted near property lines to provide some screening to abutters. The planting details are included in the planting plan below:

Property Maintenance

In 2016-2017, following the purchase of the Case Estates, the Conservation Commission undertook property maintenance activities to remove dead and dying trees, manage woody growth and mowing impediments in the fields, and clear vegetation from the stone walls. The Commission is currently working with Mass Audubon's Ecological Extension Services to develop an ecological management plan for the property, which will guide maintenance and stewardship activities for the next seven years.

Currently, Land's Sake Inc. is working on its second year of a two-year forest management plan on parcel 7 of the Case Estates. For the last 20 years, Land's Sake has worked with the Conservation Commission to cut firewood and saw logs on Weston's conservation land. Careful forest management and cutting will allow for a healthier forest habitat. The forest cutting plan is filed with the state forester and all felling is conducted by low-impact methods. A 50-foot buffer will be left where no trees are cut.

Draft Master Plan - click to enlarge

drawing of the case estates land master plan