Wireless Coverage

Increasing cellular coverage in Weston is an item identified on the Select Board's Projects and Priorities. As many residents have experienced, the wireless service coverage in town is poor, which can be contributed to several factors from being a predominately residential community to increased reliance on wireless services. 

Coverage Study

In the fall of 2018, the Select Board engaged the services of Isotrope, LLC to study the current coverage throughout the town. To do this, Isotrope drove public and accessible private ways and passable fire trails. Mounted to the inside of the windshield of the test vehicle were recent models of smartphones subscribed to four major carriers. Details of the testing method are available in the report below.

Collected Data

Four maps were created using the collected data, one for each of the major carriers: 

Each of the maps will open in a new browser. The map key is below:

LTE Thresholds Coverage Map Key

Color Value Description
Green >/= -85 dBm (RSRP) Excellent service. Also expected to be reliable in larger non-residential buildings
Yellow >/= -95 dBm Typical network design target to penetrate residential buildings
Light Blue >/= -115 dBm Typical threshold for outdoor signal coverage
Black < -115 dBm UE (user equipment) could still work at levels as low as -120 dBm or less, but even outdoors this level is usually unreliable
Dark Blue 3G Indicates UE handed over to 3G service. To avoid confusion, no 3G signal level is presented on the map
Orange Road driven but no signal reported Indicates UE was not able to lock onto a cell site