Recreation Master Plan

The Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee underwent a master planning process to determine priorities on recreation facilities over the next 10 years. The Town hired experts from Weston & Sampson, Inc. to consult on this process.

The 2020 Plan

For the new, updated master plan, the Committee revisited the current and future needs of all outdoor fields and courts. It also considered indoor facility needs such as an expansion of the Middle School swimming pool, additional gymnasium space, and if there is a need for an indoor field house. The plan was finalized in February and is available online.

The last master plan was developed in 2005 with projects that were completed over a 10-year period, including the artificial turf field at the High School, the development of Burchard Park, and the rehabilitation of Alphabet Field. See the right side-bar on the Committee’s web page for additional information.

Planning Process

In preparing its analysis, the consultants with Weston & Sampson have:

  • hosted a public input session on February 13, 2019
  • gathered usage data of the schools’ various sports teams
  • gathered usage data of the town’s recreational sports groups
  • toured all Town and School athletic and recreational facilities
  • issued a town-wide survey in February with a follow-up survey specific to additional facilities

Public Feedback

After gathering information outlined above, the Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee held two public presentations of its Master Plan Process in early September 2019 and sought additional resident feedback. The presentation is available below: 

For more information on the master planning process, please call the Recreation Department at 781-786-6260.