Film Club

Film Club Archives movie poster collageThe Weston Public library Film Clubs hosts a handful of film series each year. Lead by our resident film buff, Doc Crane, the film club offers patrons the opportunity to see the cream of the crop within a theme or genre with other movie lovers.

For those of you who missed our previous Film Club screenings, a number of those movies are available on Hoopla or Kanopy. Here is a listing and where you can access them. Also, I’m more than halfway through the 10,000+ titles on Hoopla to see which ones I can recommend, so I’ll have a list coming up soon

 -Doc Crane

  1. Hitchcock in the Afternoon
  2. 641.5: Food on Film
  3. Massachusetts on Film
  4. The Dames

The 39 Steps 

(Originally Screened February 22, 2018) 

Based on the classic espionage novel by John Buchan, The Thirty-Nine Steps involves one of Hitchcock’s favorite themes: an innocent man on the run. Robert Donat plays the affable Mr. Hannay, an average fellow who encounters a mysterious woman claiming to be a spy pursued by enemy agents. When she is murdered, Hannay becomes the lead suspect, and his only chance  for exoneration is to stay one step ahead of police and spies alike. Not Rated, 86 Minutes, 1935

This film is available here on Hoopla.

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