2021 Annual Town Election

Election results are indicated by bold text in the table below. 

2021 Election Results

Office Candidate * Term Length
Moderator (vote for 1) Rip Hastings * One year
Select Board
(vote for 1)
Chris Houston *
Keith Johnson
Three years
School Committee
(vote for 2)
Attia Linnard  
Tricia Liu
Ken Newberg
Three years
Board of Assessors
(vote for 2)
Gary Koger *
Phyllis Kominz *
Three years
Planning Board (vote for 1)
Lori Hess 
Five years
Recreation Commission
(vote for 2)
Melissa Crocker *
Marcy Dorna *
Peter Hill
Three years
Board of Library Trustees
(vote for 2)
Susan Scott *
Christopher Welles
Three years
Board of Health
(vote for 1)
Jennifer Kickham
Heidi Wyle
James Bradner
Three years
Commissioner of Trust Funds (vote for 1) Sanford Whitehouse * Three years
Measurers of Lumber 
(vote for 3)
Matthew Gooch
Mary Shaw - write-in
Mark Whitworth - write-in
One year


Shall the Town of Weston be allowed to exempt from the provisions of Proposition two and one-half, so called, the amounts required to pay for the bond(s) issued in order to design, engineer, construct and equip the following, including all costs incidental and related thereto: (1) DPW-Drainage Improvements; (2) High School F-Wing Roof Replacement; and (3) Engine (pumper)?

                    Yes________        No________