Swap Shed Attendants

Since June, a group of volunteers have been working with the town management to come up with a viable plan to re-open the swap shed. This group has reviewed how swap sheds successfully operate in other towns and have come up with a list of what is acceptable for a donation.

Given the institution of bulk waste fees, and soon Pay-As-You-Throw, concerns have been raised about the quality of items to be left if the shed is not monitored.  So, if you want the Swap Shed to open, volunteers are needed. The goal is to open on Saturday initially and then to expand to other days of the week.  

We are working with an Eagle Scout to hopefully build a kiosk so volunteers may be sheltered.

Be the first to see what treasures are left to swap! Volunteer!

The Shed Attendant manages the intake and organization of the new items that come into the Swap Shed. Attendant shifts will be on Saturdays for a two-hour duration. Training will be provided. In your email response to westonswapshed@gmail.com indicate your availability for Saturdays or other days of the week.