Public Hearing

The following outlines what to expect prior to your public hearing with the Planning Board.

Site Walk

A site walk will also be scheduled before the hearing. The Applicant’s engineer shall be present to lead the site walk and answer questions. The Applicant’s surveyor or engineer shall stake and flag the following:

  • proposed driveway
  • corners of house and/or any other proposed structure
  • limit of clearing for building and work
  • septic area
  • stormwater structures
  • 100-foot buffer from wetland
  • landscape buffer that will be protected; and
  • any other items that the Board feels is relevant to its decision making.

Presentation at the Public Hearing

The following materials, in addition to the submitted site and landscape plans, architectural elevations and sections, will be required at the Public Hearing:

  • An Assessors Map blown up to sufficient scale to show properties in the neighborhood, including parcels behind the Applicant’s parcel.
    • Extending from each parcel on the map, draw a line and attach a photograph of the existing house on that parcel.
    • In Block Letters next to each Photograph
      • Address
      • Current Owner
      • Gross Living Area
      • number of garage bays
      • GFA plus garage area (computed by multiplying garage bays by 300 s.f.
    • Provide photographs of the proposed house site, including a photograph of the site as seen from the street frontage.