Step 1: Preliminary Density Plan

The first step in the process is the submission of a Preliminary Density Plan (also referred to as a Compliance Plan), which determines the maximum number of buildable lots on a parcel (see Submission Requirements for a list of items to include with the Preliminary Density Plan, as well as a sample plan submission (PDF)).

The maximum number of lots in a Flexible Development cannot exceed the number of building lots which could be created through a conventional subdivision. The Preliminary Density Plan is developed using the standards from the Planning Board Rules and Regulations for Subdivision Control (PDF) without substantial waivers from the requirements, and to the dimensions for minimum setback, minimum lot area, and lot irregularity specified in the Zoning By-law. 

For the purpose of determining density, a Preliminary Density Determination Plan may conform to the following frontage requirements: 

  • Residence District A: 200-feet
  • Residence District B: 150-feet
  • Residence District C: 125-feet
  • Residence District D: 100-feet

Significant Wetlands

If there are significant wetlands on the site that will be impacted by the proposed development or the parcel is affected by the Rivers Protections Act, then the Planning Board must be convinced that the Conservation Commission will allow the development. Similarly, the Preliminary Density Plan must show that each building lot is capable of supporting an on-lot disposal system.

Site Walk & Public Hearing

A Site Walk and Public Hearing will be held on the Preliminary Density Plan. The Applicant must submit a Certified Abutters List (PDF) to the Planning Board as part of the Plan submission The Certified Abutters List is generated by the Assessors Office. Copies of the form used by the Assessors are available in the Building Department, as well. 

The Town Planner is responsible for advertising all Public Hearing Notices and notices to abutters.

The Planning Board will make the final determination of density. The Board has 45 days from the date of submission to review the Plan. At the end of the review period a Certificate of Approval will be issued that designates the maximum number of building lots allowed in the Flexible Development.