Roadway and Sidewalk Improvement Program

Weston's Public Works Department is responsible for the care and maintenance of Weston's public roadways and sidewalks (87 miles/196 lane miles). Since 2014, more sidewalk reconstruction, roadway preservation and resurfacing work has been done. Listed below are the improvements that have been made to roadways.

  1. 2014 Construction Season = 12,810 LF;
  2. 2015 Construction Season = 16,145 LF;
  3. 2016 Construction Season = 17,368 LF;
  4. 2017 Construction Season = 17,997 LF;
  5. 2018 Construction Season = 25,261 LF;
  6. 2019 Construction Season = 28,636 LF;
  7. 2020 Construction Season = 32,873 LF;
  8. 2021 Construction Season = 20,114 LF;
  9. 2022 Construction Season = 30,398 LF (completing this year’s construction over the next couple of weeks)  

•Total over 9 construction seasons = 201,602 LF or 38.18 miles which equates to 44% of the public roadways (not including the State owned routes Route 20, Corwood Drive, Orchard Avenue, Norumbega Road, portion of Route 30, portion of River Road, portion of Park Road, Recreation Road). The DPW worked with the State have them resurface their roadways as well). As part pf the pavement preservation, the DPW has crack sealed over the last several years. Weston's DPW, in an effort to protect the community's roadway resurfacing investment, believes in roadway resurfacing the right way. The DPW addressed gas related issues, water related issues, drainage related issues, etc.

Route 30 (South Avenue) is owned and maintained by the Town of Weston.  The DPW initiated the Transportation Improvement Project (TIP)) back in 2018 +/- with the desire that the roadway reconstruction would be funded through the TIP using State and Federal funding not through a local appropriation (i.e. through Town Meeting).  Additionally, pursuant to the latest 5-Year TIP plan, the DPW is programmed for FY 2026 for the Route 20 at Wellesley Street Intersection Improvement Project with an estimated cost of approximately $2M.  

Pavement Management Study (PDF)

 Sidewalk Improvements

  1. Town Center – 5,075 LF of sidewalk reconstructed…noting the majority of the existing sidewalk was not walkable by able bodied folks and those that are physically challenged.
  2. 2022 Construction Season – 2,000 LF (Merriam Street)
  3. 2021 Construction Season – 1.84 miles (Highland Street and Wellesley Street)
  4. 2020 Construction Season – 2,750 LF (new sidewalk on Merriam Street from Sunset to Westland) and Legacy Trail (new walkway)
  5. 2019 Construction Season – 0.7 miles (Cherry Brook Road, Conant Road by DCR Underpass, Wellesley Street/School Street, Wellesley Street (starting at No. 84), Newton Street, and Pigeon Hill Road
  6. 2018 Construction Season – 500 LF (Highland Street by 365)
  7. 2017 Construction Season – 2,800 LF (Wellesley Street at HS driveway to turnpike bridge +/-)
  8. 2016 Construction Season – 2 miles (North Avenue (Viles to Lexington), Silver Hill Road, BPR (School Street to Route 20), Route 30 and Wellesley Street as part of signal project, and Brown Street)
  9. Two Pedestrian Rapid Beacons installed at Route 117/Church Street and Church Street to support the Rail Trail
  10. Sidewalks added as part of the Rail Trail Parking areas at Church Street Spur and Concord Road Spurs
  11. To make the sidewalk more walkable, the DPW has concerned much effort through formalized Vegetative Management Plan (VMP) and yearly operation plan (YOP) trying to eliminate poison ivy and weed growth in the walk areas
  12. The DPW plows 17.37 miles of sidewalk during the winter months
  13. THE DPW also has a 5-year sidewalk rehabilitation plan that involves addressing many issues including ADA compliance, drainage issues, tree root issues, etc.