Snow Response & Plans

Weston's Department of Public Works’ (DPW) mission during winter snow and ice events is to keep roadways, or parts thereof, sufficiently clear of ice and snow and reasonably safe for public travel within 24 hours of initiating a snow and ice removal operation.

The DPW is responsible for removing snow and de-icing 102 miles of roadway and 6 municipal parking lots in the winter season. The DPW also plows 10 miles of sidewalk to ensure safe passage for pedestrians.

Response Factors

Many factors can determine the Town’s response to a snow event some of which may include:
  • Amount of accumulated snow
  • Duration of the storm
  • Road surface temperature
  • Temperatures before, during and after a storm
  • Weather forecast for the following days

Sanding / Salting Operations

Most snow and ice operations will initiate with salting / sanding.  Approximately 9 pieces of town salting / sanding equipment will be used with each piece being dispatched to a pre-assigned route.  

Plowing Operations

Plowing operators generally begin when snow accumulates to depths of 2” with additional accumulation forecast.

For a plowable event, the town is divided into three sections each with an individual supervisor. There are approximately 53 pieces of snow fighting equipment, 24 town and 29 private contractor pieces.  Each piece is dispatched to a pre-assigned route for the plowing operation.

Plan of Operations

  1. When the snow starts falling, sanders are dispatched to apply sand, road salt or liquid calcium chloride to keep the roads safe.
  2. When 2-3 inches of snow have accumulated on the streets a snow plowing operation usually begins.
  3. Once the snow stops falling and the roads have been plowed the streets will again be treated with de-icing materials to prevent a “freeze-up” of the road surface.
  4. Department personnel will then clear intersections and plow sidewalks and parking lots.

Reporting Unplowed Streets

To report unplowed or unsanded streets or for further information or suggestions on the snow operations policy for the Town of Weston please call the DPW at 781-786-5100.