Patrol Division

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About the Division

The Patrol Division is the most visible evidence of police presence, 24 hours per day, year-round in the community. It is the largest division in the terms of manpower, equipment, and expenditures in police service. A competent and professional approach to police service by the Patrol Division sets the groundwork and foundation for response to the community.


The Patrol Division is the base level of execution of police service. This division promotes and preserves civil order and maintains a feeling of security in the community. It reduces crime through preventive patrol, aids individuals and responds to incidents/emergencies, and regulates certain business activities.

The Weston Police Patrol Division provides an immediate response to residents' requests for assistance, complaints, traffic incidents/problems, motor vehicle accidents and E-911 Emergency medical/fire calls, and all related law enforcement scenarios.

The Patrol Division does preliminary investigations and reports for incidents that may be assigned to other specialized divisions within the Weston Police Department and/or other State or Town Departments and/or Social Service Agencies.

Bicycle Patrol

Summertime bike patrols were added throughout the town in order to add extra police presence and to continue good community relations and partnerships with residents and business owners. There is a daytime and evening shift officer on bike patrol.  

Officer Porzio on the department's motorcycle

Motorcycle Patrol

In June 2015, the Weston Police Department added a Harley Davidson motorcycle to its fleet.  The use of motorcycles was a part of our history at the department.  It has been at least 40 years since the Department has utilized a motorcycle for the patrol function.  

Officer Ryan Porzio utilizes the motorcycle on his patrol shift.  It allows him to get into areas not as accessible with a vehicle.  He is also a member of the Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council motor unit.

In the photo below, Weston Officer Maurice Upham was one of the first motorcycle officers in Massachusetts. Pictured to the left is Officer Porzio with the Department's Harley.

early photo of weston officer Maurice Upham on vintage harley davidson