Solid Waste & Recycling Division

Transfer Station Facility

The Transfer Station accommodates all residential trash disposal needs for residents. Permit stickers are required for entry and must be affixed inside the vehicle's windshield on the lower corner of the driver's side. See the Transfer Station Information web page for the permit application and additional information on what is processed at the facility.

Permits expire each year on September 30th. They can be purchased in person or through the mail through the Treasurer/Collector's office at Town Hall. Renewals may be purchased online. See for more information.

Only Weston residents may use the Town's Transfer Station to dispose of trash and recyclables.

Purpose of Reducing Solid Waste

Removing recyclable items from the solid waste stream is not only required by state law, it will also result in a continued reduction of expenditures on Solid Waste and Recycling Operations, as well as working towards a cleaner and healthier environment. 

This Division has published a lot of information on how every household can recycle more and why solid waste reduction is an important goal to achieve.