Form of Government

Weston's Town Government is conducted in an Open Town Meeting, Select Board, and Town Manager form. This is a unique system to the New England area.

Town Meeting is the legislative body and must approve all spending and changes in the Town By-laws and Zoning By-laws. It is conducted by the elected Town Moderator. All registered voters of Weston may participate in Town Meeting. Annual Town Meeting occurs in May and is where the annual operating budget is approved. A special Town Meeting can be called by the Select Board at any time during the year. Weston typically holds a Special Town Meeting after Thanksgiving.

The Select Board is the executive branch of Town Government. The three members of the Board are elected and serve without compensation. The Board acts as the Town's primary policy making body for a wide variety of issues, and as such, appoints several Boards and Committees to assist and advise. The appointed boards and committees that are advisory in nature are given a directive by the Select Board and provide a recommendation as to how the Board should move forward. 

Day to day oversight of the Select Board's office is provided by the Town Manager, who also supervises all Town departments under the jurisdiction of the Board and serves as the liaison between the Select Board and other Town Boards and Committees.

More information can be found in Town Meeting and Election and also under Boards and Committees.

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