Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricanes can strike Massachusetts. Even a tropical storm can wreak havoc in our area. Residents can prepare by:

  • Knowing Your Evacuation Zone - Learn if you live or work in a hurricane evacuation zone. If you live in an area that may flood and may need assistance evacuating, plan with family, neighbors, and friends who may be able to assist and contact your local public safety officials to make them aware of your needs.
  • Making an Emergency Plan – Have an emergency plan of how your family would communicate, evacuate, and shelter in place that addresses the needs of all of your family members, including seniors, children, individuals with access and functional needs, and pets. If you receive medical treatment or home health care services, work with your medical provider to determine how to maintain care and service if you are unable to leave your home or have to evacuate.
  • Building an Emergency Kit - Build an emergency kit that will sustain your household for three to five days without power.
  • Staying Informed - Every family should have multiple methods for receiving emergency alerts. Learn more about different types of alerting and information tools including the Emergency Alert System, Wireless Emergency Alerts, NOAA Weather Radio, social and traditional news media, Mass 2-1-1, and local notification systems.
Hurricane Preparedness Graphic MEMA