Case Campus Master Plan

At the May 2017 Annual Town Meeting, a warrant article was presented to fund a subset of the original Package 4 scope, previously presented in full at the 2016 Annual Town Meeting. This warrant article was amended on the floor of Town Meeting and subsequently passed by the requisite 2/3rds majority for funding.

The focus of this work was primarily on safety issues – pedestrian, vehicular and parking. In addition, some tree root protection from vehicle parking and minimal landscaping were included. This was substantially completed in 2017 with planting delayed until ideal weather returns in the spring of 2018. The work included the following:

School Street Driveway entrance/exit to campus

  • Paving, adding formalized parking, curbs and sidewalks 
  • Installing night sky compliant lighting
  • Easing of two curves to accommodate 2-way traffic and large vehicle traffic
  • Reshaping the center island to support the correct 2-way traffic flow

Library Entrance and Sidewalks

  • Trimming and reshaping the central island for better traffic flow
  • Reconfiguring the entrance to accommodate three lanes of traffic in a campus standard layout
  • Converting to night sky compliant lighting at the entrance
  • Replacing deteriorating sidewalks and curbs

Community Center

  • Replacing and extending the sidewalk in front of the Council on Aging entrance
  • Replacing selected sidewalk areas in front of the Recreation Department entrance
The remaining work to complete this Package of work will be done as appropriate by in-house resources. This includes additional landscaping and tree planting, as well as wayfinding and facility signage, which will be completed in a joint Town-School effort with an eye towards a standard that might have broader use at other Town facilities over time.  Funding of these components is included in this Package.  

Package 4 represents the last active phase of the Case Campus Master Plan. Having also completed Packages 1, 2, and 2A of the Plan, the project is complete. Remaining opportunities envisioned will be taken up as independent projects subject to Town Meeting vote. This includes traffic improvements on Wellesley and School Streets and an additional roadway connection to the campus.