Information for Hunters

The Bow Hunting Program is limited to hunters chosen by the Conservation Commission. Up Close DoePreference will be given to residents, municipal employees, and hunters with demonstrated bow hunting experience. Many of the hunters in the program from last year will be returning and as a result, we anticipate only accepting 5 - 8 new hunters from this year's program. Selected bow hunters will be required to pass a proficiency test.


Because our goal is to reduce the deer herd, approved hunters have the goal of harvesting deer of either sex when legally possible. Approved hunters must possess at least one Zone 10 antlerless deer permit. The Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife holds a lottery for these Zone 10 antlerless permits, with 100% of applicants being awarded their Zone 10 antlerless permits after August 1st. Hunters applying for the program are expected to have purchased their applicable antlerless permits either via lottery or via the surplus sales opportunities for Zone 10 during early October. Possessing these Zone 10 antlerless deer permits are mandatory to participate in the Weston hunting program.

Application Process

The Weston deer hunting application process begins on June 1st and is open for two weeks. Please send an email close to June 1st to deer [at] to request an application. An application will be sent to you upon receipt of your email. If you have any questions, please contact the Conservation Office at 781-786-5068 or deer [at]

Important Documents