Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee

The Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee serves as the focal point for the recreational use and improvements to Town and School recreational fields and facilities.

Committee Charge

The duties and responsibilities of this committee are as follows:

  • Serve as a single focal point for recreational use and improvements for town and school properties
  • Develop and maintain a 10-year Master Plan for the Town of Weston for the creation, use and maintenance of fields and facilities to be used for recreational purposes. The Master Plan should:
    • Represent the collective needs of recreational User Groups
    • Provide a detailed, prioritized schedule for the creation, upgrade, maintenance, re-purpose, and acquisition of all town and school recreational fields and facilities
    • Be updated periodically based upon changing User Group needs and/or funding of specific projects
  • Oversee the implementation of the Master Plan, including bidding, procurement and construction in coordination with the School Board and Town Selectmen
  • Communicate the prioritized Master Plan schedule to the community, including potential funding sources and special interest groups


Incumbent Membership Status Term
Kelly Larocque Chair, At-large Voting 2024
Alex Cobb
Voting 2026
Shirley Small-Rougeau
At-Large Voting 2025
VACANCY Recreation Commission
Voting Representative
Maija Cirulis-Gooch
School Committee
Voting Representative
Mark Ferris President Rep., Weston Youth Lacrosse
Voting Representative
Charlie Hipwood
President, Weston Baseball League
Voting Representative
Trevor MacDonald Vice Chair, Weston Youth Soccer
Voting Representative
Kate Carlson Weston Youth Basketball Voting Representative
Peter Foley
Athletic Director (retired)
Christopher Fitzgerald
Recreation Director
Ben Polimer
Field and Grounds Coordinator
Michael McGrath
WPS Athletic Director

At-Large Positions

These positions are subject to the Select Board’s appointment process. Others are identified by position.