Application Process

The following outlines the steps of the application process. Questions on the following may be directed to the Zoning Board Staff Assistant in Town Hall.

Notice of Application

When an Application for a Hearing (PDF)) is filed with the Zoning Board of Appeals, a legal notice announcing the substance of the matter to be heard is published in a local paper, posted in the Clerk’s office and on the Town website, and mailed to abutters within 300-feet.

Appeal Hearings

The hearings are public, and any interested parties are welcome to attend. Following review of testimony, the Board deliberates and announces its decision. The written account of the proceedings is filed with the Town Clerk’s office, and is subject to a 20-day appeal period; all actions are in accordance with Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 40A.

Petitioner Meeting

Petitioners are requested to meet with the Building Inspector prior to filing an application for hearing with the Zoning Board of Appeals. The purpose of this meeting will be to review the relief being sought, in an effort to assist the Petitioners in applying for full and proper relief, and to attempt to ensure that the submissions are accurate and complete, without providing any legal or development advice.

Incomplete Applications

Applications that are incomplete can lead to a delay in the decision making, and may result in the denial of relief sought. Any changes made to a plan after the close of the public hearing will require another application, fee, and public hearing (unless said change was mandated by the Board at the hearing).