Street Tree List

The following is a list of large shade trees suitable for use on a narrow right-of-way. In many cases, named forms (cultivars) of the species listed below are available and preferred. There are no trees perfectly suited to the conditions of the right of way. We have included notes that will help with use and siting, but it is always a good idea to check the natural conditions under which each tree lives for the best siting information. See Michael Dirr's Manual of Woody Landscape Plants.

Deciduous Trees 50 Feet or Taller
  • Red Oak: Quercus rubra, grows rapidly
  • Red Maple: Acer rubrum, tolerates wet soils
  • Honeylocust: Gleditsia Triacanthos varietal inermis
  • Red Maple: Betula nigra, tolerates seasonally wet soils
Evergreen Trees 50 Feet or Taller
  • White Pine: Pinus strobus  is salt sensitive. Plant at least 10' from paved roadway.
  • Pitch Pine: Pinus rigidus  is salt tolerant.
  • Red Pine: Pinus resinosa  is salt sensitive. Plant at least 10' from paved roadway.
Deciduous Trees Under 50 Feet
  • American Hornbeam: Carpinus caroliniana  is best in part shade and tolerates seasonable wet soils
  • American Hophornbeam: Ostrya virginiana
  • American Yellowwood: Cladastris lutea

Straight, Young Trees
Single Tree with Red Leaves