Parking Clerk

Paying Your Ticket

Recipients of parking tickets in Weston are required to submit payment or request a hearing within 21 days to appeal the ticket. Appeals may be made in person or in writing. If neither occurs within the appeal time frame, a late fee of $5 is imposed and an attempt is made to notify the vehicle owner.

If the ticket is still not paid or dismissed by the Parking Clerk, the ticket is submitted to the Registry of Motor Vehicles for Marking. Once the ticket has been marked, the owner may not renew his or her driver’s license or vehicle registration until the original fine, any late fees, and a $20 registry fee have been paid and a release issued.

Why Tickets are Issued

Safety issues and traffic circulation are of primary concern in issuing parking tickets, with emphasis placed on the ability of emergency vehicles to gain access to all areas of the town. 

When parking along town roads, drivers of all vehicles including those belonging to contractors, landscapers, and delivery services should leave their vehicle as far off the road as possible in order to leave two, 10-foot wide lanes for passing traffic. Drivers should check to ensure there is adequate clearance and visibility for cars, emergency vehicles, and school buses that are trying to negotiate the streets.

School buses also require access to the schools in order to meet those schedules.