1. Thomas E. Cullen, Jr., P.E.

    Director of Operations

  2. Richard Sullivan

    Deputy Director of Operations

  3. Kenneth Calder

    Deputy Director, Project Management

  4. Richard Sweeney, Jr., P.E.

    Assistant Town Engineer

  5. Sandra Gonneville

    Project/Civil Engineer

  6. Juan "Carlos" Rivera

    Highway and Stormwater Supervisor

  7. Jacquelyn Jackson

    Parks and Cemeteries, Supervisor

  8. Jacquelyn Jackson

    Solid Waste & Recycling Supervisor

  9. David Fava

    Water Division, Superintendent

  10. Kim Michel

    Office Manager

  11. Tammy DiTullio

    Administrative Assistant

  12. Rebecca Szeto

    Accounts Payable

  13. Jason Lavoie, P.E.

    Town Engineer