Remove invasive plants responsibly and effectively.

Methods for controlling invasive species vary by species and site and fall into two categories: 

  • Manual and mechanical control, which involves only hand-work or tools, such as shovels, weed-wrenches, and mowers; and
  • Chemical control, which uses systemic herbicides to kill plants at their root system.

The Town (and other organizations that manage large land areas) may occasionally use herbicides as a last resort when managing extensive colonies, but homeowners (and their landscapers) can generally control invasive species at the scale of their own properties without herbicides.

Manual & Mechanical Control Methods for Common Invasive Species in Weston (PDF) provides mechanical control recommendations for common invasive species in Weston. Other recommendations can be found on the Sour 16 species page.

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1. Identify the invasive plant species growing on your property.
2. Remove invasive plants responsibly and effectively.
3. Properly dispose of invasive plant material.
4. Restore the site where invasive plants were removed.
5. Monitor invasive plant re-emergence and remove as necessary over time.